Welcome to My Little Hearts..

       Welcome to My Little Hearts Caring for the poor is a noble undertaking and caring for poor kids, the greatest help that you can deliver in life. Everyone have their own intentions towards charity but people who are well intentioned towards helping little kids, are well versed with the vision. There are thousands of emails circulating across the World Wide Web for helping little kids who cannot get proper food, medication, education and culture, but the matter of fact is, how many of us really step forward to help them!

       Vision for My Little Hearts is very clear and we are self motivated and well intentioned to help little hearts. Nothing is going to change overnight but a well structured approach and plan will surely make impact each and every day in the life of many poor kids. To begin with, the agenda is to help at least 100 children achieve good education, hygienic food, proper medication, clothes and other necessary things which are very essential in daily living as well as growth.

       World Wide Web and the internet has given a powerful path to look out for people who are wholeheartedly interested to help poor kids who are going to take over the next generation. On behalf of My Little Hearts Team, I would like to request you to step forward and give a helping hand to those who are utterly seeking help. If you cannot help, at least help us by spreading the message and building the community who are well-intentioned to take this step.